Moon Landing
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A fun, fast game to play in your coffee-break!

Mission Objective: you must successfully land your fleet of spacecraft on the Moon Landing platform.

Your craft must land squarely on the platform at a Velocity of -300 or less, or you will crash and lose the game.

Do well and you may be promoted. With supreme skill you may even reach the ultimate rank of Space Commander.

Good luck, Space Cadet!



Note: this game is not suitable for training astronauts!

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  • Simple arcade action moon landing simulation.
  • Easy, addictive gameplay.
  • Ideal for players requiring a quick blast of fun!
  • Single player game.
  • We would recommend as a minimum spec, a PC rated 400 MHz with 8 Mb DirectX compatible video card and 64 Mb RAM.
  • Needs either Microsoft’s Windows 95/98/2000 or XP (Sorry does not work on NT) and a mouse and keyboard.
  • Requires Microsoft’s DirectX 8 (or higher) which if you have not got it can be downloaded from Microsoft (see our links page).
  • DirectX compatible Soundcard required for audio.

    Price: FREE

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