As our games our quite old (over 10 years!) we are no longer selling them direct to players. We are in the process of updating some of our titles - the first of which, Movie Studio Boss is now available from Steam!

Note: To play our games you need to have Microsoft’s DirectX 8 or higher installed. This is inbuilt in Windows XP and available from Microsoft for ‘free’. If you need to get DirectX go to our links page.

To Uninstall
To uninstall, select Start then Programs, PlaceforGames, (Name of Game), Uninstall.

Any queries then just drop us an e-mail.

Useful Info

Game: Movie Studio Boss
Folder: Program Files\PlaceforGames\Movie Studio Boss
Exe: Msb.exe

Game: Race Day
Program Files\PlaceforGames\Race Day
Exe: RaceDay.exe

Game: Tactical Soccer
Program Files\PlaceforGames\Tactical Soccer
Exe: TSoccer.exe

Game: Tips and Traps
Folder: Program Files\PlaceforGames\Tips and Traps
Exe: TipTrap.exe

Game: Turbo Taxi
Program Files\PlaceforGames\Turbo Taxi
Exe: TTaxi.exe

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