name Claire Shandley
position Rockin' Redhead
info Trained in Computer Studies, Claire came on board in September 1995 and has worked on every title with the exception of PowerHouse. Prior to joining the company, Claire's work appeared in a variety of places, including graphics for TV weather broadcasts. Among Claire's 2D and 3D work are all the graphics you see on this web site.


name Edward Grabowski
position Lord of the Manor
info Back in the 1980's Ed started on the Sinclair Spectrum, graduating up through the Atari ST and Amiga until settling many years ago onto the PC platform. During his career he has designed and coded over twenty strategy games with a combined sales of well over 500,000 units.

Ed founded Edward Grabowski Communications October 1994 (many believe that this is the worst company name in the business). Between 1994 and 2000 the company has developed and shipped five original PC titles. That's not including German, Italian, Spanish, French and Japanese versions of the games, and budget releases that see the games still selling some five years after first publication. Ed is now focused on creating original PC games for sale via PlaceforGames.
name Margaret Grabowski
position The Big Boss
info Co-owner of the company, Margaret keeps control of the company's finances and general admin. Prior to coming on board Margaret spent 10 years with the John Lewis Partnership in a variety of administrative capacities.


name Gary Ward
position Young at heart artist!
info Gary studied Art and Graphic Design at Goldsmiths College, London, before becoming a freelance illustrator. Gary's work has appeared in many magazines, role-playing games and books, and he has provided cover illustrations for a variety of game and video releases. Although Gary joined the company full time in February 1998, he has contributed work to all our titles.

Note: All illustrations were provided by the Claire Shandley Clip Art School of Inaccurate Depiction. If you see anyone walking down the street looking like these representations - then run, run as fast as you can, it is not us!

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