Race Day
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All the fun of the races without the horrible whips!

You and your pals have got $1,000 dollars each and head out to the local race course to try and double your money!

Using your skill and judgement you have to study the facts about the horses and jockeys and decide who to place your wager on. You can have up to 5 players on the same machine with the winner being the one who, at the end of the day, has the most money left.

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  • Horse Racing Sim recreating a day at the races.
  • Full 3D race using Microsoft’s DirectX 8.
  • Simple to play.
  • Works on a single machine with up to 5 players on the same machine.
  • Players can start with different amounts of money, to handicap those expert punters.
  • Horses are rated by their speed and stamina.
  • Jockeys are rated by their ability.
  • Races are run over a variety of lengths.
  • Scalable visual effects, but we would recommend as a minimum spec, a PC rated 400 MHz with 8 Mb DirectX compatible video card and 64 Mb RAM. If you have a more powerful machine than this then the game will look even better!
  • Needs either Microsoft’s Windows 98/2000 or XP (Sorry does not work on NT) and a mouse.
  • Requires Microsoft’s DirectX 8 (or higher) which if you have not got it can be downloaded from Microsoft (see our links page).
  • DirectX compatible Soundcard required for audio.
  • Suitable for those that are allowed to gamble.
  • Demo version available.

    No longer available to buy.




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