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Welcome to the thrilling world of greyhound racing! With $10,000 and a kennel of potential champions, you have 10 years to become the most successful owner ever!

Your aim is to buy and train the best greyhounds in the world. There are 25 race meetings a year and each meeting has 12 races. After 10 years you will retire and be judged against the rival owners in three categories: - the most money in the bank - the most wins - the most prize money. Be top dog in all three to become the greatest owner ever! You'll be barking mad to miss out!

Note: Contains a betting element so is only suitable for adults.

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  • Greyhound management and race simulation.
  • Manage your kennel for 10 years.
  • Watch either 6 or 8 dogs race.
  • On-track betting.
  • Play against 5 or 7 other players either human or computer-controlled.
  • Exciting 3D race section.
  • Scalable visual effects, but we would recommend as a minimum spec, a PC rated 400 MHz with 8 Mb DirectX 8 compatible video card and 64 Mb RAM (128 Mb for XP and Windows 2000). If you have a more powerful machine than this then the game will look even better!
  • Needs either Microsoft’s Windows 98/2000 or XP (Sorry does not work on NT) and a mouse.
  • DirectX compatible Soundcard required for audio.

    No longer available to buy.



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