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What's It About

Tactical Soccer is a turn-based simulation of the soccer match. You control all 11 players at the same time. So instead of shouting at your left back to ‘get forward’ you control them and can build up an attack exactly how you want. You are the coach and have real control of the team.

Gameplay is simple. When it's your turn you select a player and decide where they should move to or perhaps prepare them to head the ball. If they have the ball you can pass, shoot or dribble with the ball. Once you've instructed your players press end turn and watch them carry out your orders. The computer controlled team then plays. Play continues like this until the match ends!

Where the game gets interesting is your players have different abilities; speed, dribbling, tackling, passing, shooting, stamina etc. so you have to use the strengths of your players to defeat the opposition. You have to be positionally aware and block the opposition's runs with your players.

Tactical Soccer The New Season Features
- Turn-based Strategy Soccer simulation focusing on the match.
- Besides a single exhibition match you can take part in a knockout cup or an "endless" league championship.
- Coaches can shape the abilities of their players.
- Features Men's and Women's sides.
- Different team strips and looks.
- Includes fouls, offside, penalties and different formations.
- In Exhibition games you are up against either computer Coach or another human Coach playing on the same machine.
- League competitions (you can play as many seasons as you like) feature player development, contracts and transfers.



Back in 2002 I released Tactical Soccer via PlaceForGames. I thought it would be nice to update Tactical Soccer for the current generation of PCs.

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